Thursday, January 15, 2009

So you think are tough, huh?

If you know us and/or read this blog, you are aware that just over a year ago Brandon hurt his ankle badly.

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So as it healed over the last year he has still been hurting. He was told that after a year he would see marked improvement. He spent time in physical therapy and when that benefit ended he worked out on his own. So over the last year he has done the following:

Hiked a 14er, Mt Elbert 2nd highest peak in 48 states
played countless Saturday football games
Racquetball - he beat me every time
Dodgeball- no pads, no helmets, just balls
and over the holiday break he tried skiing for 2 hours which included a mogul run

Nov 08 Turkey Bowl

Aug 08 Mt Elbert

Doing all of this made his ankle hurt which he thought was "re-hab".

After the skiing pain he made another appt with the orthopoedic surgeon. We found out today that his ankle not only healed incorrectly,but it has been dislocated for the past several months. The stress of this dislocation has worn away cartilage and the tendons and ligaments are totally shot. If he had gone another year doing his "re-hab" he would have needed a total ankle replacement and/or have it fused and be permanently disabled. But... since he caught it this "early" he only needs surgery to repair his ankle, including 2-3 big screws, tendon and ligament grafts from cadaver, and the whole shebang. Hopefully just one surgery. And soon, "very soon", the NEW orthopoedic surgeon said.

Can you imagine doing all of this with a dislocated ankle?

He wondered why running on the treadmill still hurt so much.

Do you think you are tough? I know tough. I live with him.

Bed rest and crutches will be what kills him. Uggh!!


The Dixon Family said...


Julie said...

Holy cow! I would say you do live with tough. I hope the surgery goes well. I think you have the hardest job with keeping him on bed rest and crutches!

jksfam said...

Wow! I'm glad he has answers now. I'm sure you'll be tough dealing with him on bed rest and crutches. Let me know what you guys need (don't be tough about it!!!).

Sheri said...

Sometimes tough is.... well...good luck with the surgery and even more with the recovery!!

CowboyBob said...

Ouch!!! Good luck with the surgery and recovery. Don't put it off till motorcycle weather. "Git 'er done!" My prayers are with you.

Gomez said...

CRAZY!!!! Bethany....I am here for you. And if Brandon needs someone to play video games with so he will stay off his ANKLE......just have him call Pete.

DreamPacker said...

And you didn't even mention all that stuff at Lake Powell...hiking, cliff jumping. Yes, wow, whatta man. I had a feeling that something else was going on, especially after I heard about the skiing pain. Glad you got it checked out and a NEW surgeon. Prayers and healing blessings are with you.

Sayyadina said...

Good luck!!!

WildBound said...

I got all teary eyed. That is unbelievable. Let ys know if there is anything we can do.

Mike and Wendy said...

Oh my heck...First, good luck with the surgery and recovery Brandon we hope you will soon be pain free. Second, Bethany I don't know how you can handle this man! He is out of control! Good luck with everything! We mis you guys and wish we saw you more often...we you don't find us hiking 14er's or doing all the fun things you guys are doing (even though it is with incorrectly healed and dislocated ankles!) All our best, we love you guys!

Aaron and Devony said...

Oh my gosh I thought that would kill him last year! I'm so sorry he has to do it again! Good thing you figured it out! Best of luck!

Canyonsrcool said...

Yikes. Hope all gets better soon.

Angie said...

Oh no!!! I am so sorry, that Brandon has to have surgery again, and that you have to put up with him after surgery again! ;) Seriously, you will be in our prayers. It was SO GOOD to see you, even if it was just standing in the aisle at Cici's!

Desertbound said...

Well now. Glad you got a NEW orthopoedic surgeon. When is the surgery? Go get'em Brandon! And a Happy Birthday to Kassidy!

Erin said...

Wow. Eeewwww. And . . good luck.