Friday, September 12, 2008

Stability or Stockpiling?

School started. I have been in denial for a few weeks I guess. Enough denial to not even post the obligatory "first day photo". Time with my kiddos is flying by. Every summer I think, "This is the only summer they will be 12 and 9" and so on for every summer for the past few years. I love watching their hair lighten after hours at the pool. I love watching them sip from their camelbaks while hiking. I love watching them tend to their flowers in the garden. I love snuggling on a blanket with them watching fireworks. I love it all. Every minute.

Now with the weather turning cool, sharpened pencils and new notebooks abounding, I send them off every morning.
We made a move this school year. We decided as a family to change to our neighborhood schools. 7th and 4th grade. Kassidy and Mitchell have been at a charter school until now. Things are going well for both at their new schools.

Brandon has to remind me that it is our job as parents to insure they get a good education and to provide a stable home. Otherwise, I would move to the desert, homeschool, stockpile food and weapons and keep them all to myself forever. I guess we'd need a good sister-wife to really do that right. ( for all our "friends of another faith" out there, I am kidding about that sister-wife part) Really.


Desertbound said...

Hehe! I know a little town south of the border...of Utah, that is.

I hear ya, sis. I don't like the school schedule either. Too confining, restrictive and hectic. I LOVE SUMMER!

Brandon said...

I want to know more about the sister-wife thing!

Sheri said...

I agree, summer is way too short! You are too funny!!

Danielle said...

i'd volunteer to be the sister wife, but you guys hike way to much....maybe i could take care of the rv? LOL

Julie said...

I love summer and being able to get away from it all...that being said, my kids start getting on each others nerves about 2 weeks before school starts every year. So I am grateful for a little break! We still have the weekends!

Linda said...

how has the switch been to the new schools? What high school will they go to? We miss summer to. Beach withdrawls.