Sunday, November 15, 2009

They're not babies anymore

Not much can compare to the spectacular views from Angel's Landing. But I mostly watched my kids' feet. I remember racing up and down this trail in my younger years. But with my own children with me, I concentrated a lot more. When the trail got down to 3 feet wide, with 1500 foot drop offs on both sides, I only watched the kids.They were great on the trail. Respectful and calm. They LOVED IT!!!
Above - siblings hiking hand in hand
Below - the chains begin

Sweet success! Ahhhhhh.


Kassidy said...

Did you have o post the hand-in-hand?

Karen said...

Ha ha! But that picture is adorable Kassidy! That hike is so incredible. I got a little vertigo just thinking about it.

Desertbound said...

Yea! You guys rock! That hike gets more and more scary the older I get. What's up with that?

CowboyBob said...

What makes you think Dreampacker and I weren't nervous taking our kids up? Another memory that is worth keeping forever.

Erin said...

Your family does the funnest things! Love the pics!